Patrick Kibe 'Mr DuDu'

SmArt Waste Solutions

"I am a recycling artist based in Nairobi, with a passion in collecting, separating and processing reusable materials to make them into new and creative usable items. I find it fun and wish to introduce this exciting sustainable process to people throughout Nairobi."

If you need someone to:

  • Do recycling art with kids and make creative things that everyone will really love ...
  • Introduce waste management in a fun and creative way ...
  • Teach about the importance of recycling
  • Encourage kids to make recycling a part of their lifestyle so they grow with the culture of recycling ...


Then please contact me today!

mobile: +254 (0) 7 10 617 772


Regina mueni


My work involves making clay into beautiful pieces of art and i also add mosaic technique to my art works.


I learned my trade at Kitengela Glass. 

If you need someone to:

                . Teach kids how to make mosaic lamps,pots 

                . Felting

                .Create and design etc

Then contact me 


Tel: + 254 (0) 727 450 925



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