Kitengela glass has developed over the last 36 years . It started with stained glass which Nani, who used to be a muralist, learned at  Goddard and Gibbs Glass Studios, London, 1979. After some years then she developed this Craft here in Kenya. But discovering that importing coloured glass is very costly, she thought of making recycled glass here - lots of broken window glass and even more empty bottles are used to make new glass. With help of Finnish Glass Artist Mikko Merikallio she and son Anselm started the first furnace and trained the first Kenyan glass blowers.

Now anything from vessels to coloured glass and glass blocks (Dalle de Verre, faceted glass) and glass beads are made by the Kitengela Glass Studios.


Many Kenyans have learned and worked here making anything from Church windows, to Hotels, Government Ministries, Embassies, private Houses .

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