New Planatations

As the Kitengela Plain develops and more and more tin huts approach the compound, Nani was advised to purchase a buffer zone above the" Kitengela Glass Paradise" for some peace and to provide a wildlife sanctuary. Her most cherished idea was to plant medicinal and other indiginous trees, but how to fence against cattle but not wildlife?


All sorts of ideas are being tried out, if you have better ones please contact us. This semi-arid virgin land has mainly rocks, some rough grass, one or two scraggly bushes, whistling thorn, balanites, the odd aloe.



There are spring hares, an invisible aardvark, aardwolf, rabbits, a Thomsons gazelle or two, lots of zebras move in and out, plovers, larks, crowned cranes, egrets, ibises and many other forms of bird life.

The evening "dog walk" now leads via newly planted trees, along rough stone walls, but still the extraordinary colourful sunsets over the Ngong Hills delight us.


Juma the gifted gardener has used some of the virgin land to plant a new organic garden away form the marauding baboons. This is so fertile, also due to the biogas effluence used, that he goes to the organic market every saturday at Talisman in Karen to display and sometimes! sell our produce: Salads, temporary harvests of gourds, raddish, tomatoes, other. As well as the ongoing cottage cheese, now leche dulce, combucha and advertises the multitudenous pork cuts from our overflowing farm basket (pigs galore!).