Environmental Protection


Advised and guided by GTZ Kenya (Gesellschaft für technische Zusammenarbeit) we build a

Biogas station, it  is fed by our cow dung and supplemented by the bountiful gifts from the masai cattle*. It supplies a burner for cooking and most amazingly can do some of our soldering for stained glass on lead and copperfoil.


*Our vision here was to show the masai that easy heat can be produced by a biogas digester giving them fuel for cooking and light at night, so do not have to collect (and cut) firewood in the riverine bush.

Solar panels

All of Kitengela Glass energy consumption used to be provided by generators making electricity, using Diesel and needing constant maintenance and care. Ever since we installed our Solar system in 2007 we never looked back.


12 solar panels and batteries and inverters now provide enough energy for most household requirements, but we still need extra power for the machinery in the workshops. Since the end of 2012 mains came along and is used now. As well as previous Solarpower for the frequent powercuts.

Wind mill

The latest renewable energy achievement has been our Watts windmill. A proud 20 m mast rises above the dome and our often strong winds spin the blades. This energy is added to the existing battery bank and provides extra power.


Nothing gets wasted. All the glassworks are made from recyled glass. Every bottle emptied, any tableware broken and every bottle cap are incorporated into sculptures, walls and other items.


Nani tries to keep the amount of trash as low as she can.

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