Learn bead making, mosaic, pottery, dalle de verre. We will supply you with all the materials you need, just bring your imagination and sense of fun. Most of the materials you will use are recycled so it's good for the environment!

Puppets School Field Trips

The talented performers of Puppets254 are your hosts in an immersive, magical, educative experience like no other. Click for more info 


2000KES per person per hour


Using recycled glass, tiles, pottery you will learn to create a design on a board. First, by gluing the pieces on and then grouting between the spaces. 

Bead Making

3000KES per person per hour


You will learn to make your own beads using our kiln.

Dalle de Verre

3000KES per person per hour


Dalle de Verre is from French: "glass slab", is a glass art technique that uses pieces of coloured glass set in a matrix of concrete. 


2000KES per person per hour


Here's Nani getting a lesson on the wheel. You can either learn how to throw or you can hand build and create a sculpture. 

Glass Fusing

3000KES per person per hour


Fusing is the melting of glass of various colours and shapes in a special furnace at about 800 degrees C. Here, the glass softens to a degree that individual parts permanently get connected.